Investment Recipes Introduction

Welcome to Investment Recipes. This is a place where one can learn about investing, investors and the market. What we hope to provide is information and tools that can help you make your investment decisions. It is very likely that in the future you will find here:

  • Investment Recipes – which, in the context of this blog, will be ideas for building different portfolios, with different methods of stock picking. They will sometimes recommend entirely different investment instruments, so not strictly shares.
  • Book Reviews – books, that we believe are worth reading (or not!) and some ideas that they present will be highlighted.
  • Stock Reviews – we do not intend to make this the main part of this website, but they are likely to appear
  • Investing Tools – tools that help you invest/gather information
  • General Investing Articles/Market Commentary
  • Anything else that may be interesting!

We hope that you will find the content interesting, educational and ultimately useful! If a particular section rises in popularity, we will focus on that.

As for now- enjoy!


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